Consulting Camp

Without doubt, there are strong parallels between what it takes to lead an expedition and successfully plan and execute growth projects in todays connected world. Both situations require a synergetic combination of strong characters with complementary skill sets and a high level of openness and interaction.

How does EARLY BRANDS exactly meet your requirements and guide your company to success in projects with demanding market and competition dynamics?

With our quality management and our successful implementation projects with worldwide leading consumer goods corporations, commerce and technology industries developed our EARLY BRANDS success principle “expedition” during the last 10 years.

These are the three pillars of our EARLY BRANDS success principle „expedition“:

  • Expedition dialogue 360°: In a personal dialog, all expedition parameters of the consulting project will be adjusted to your individual requirements and objectives. Moreover, we jointly address in the expedition dialogue early and transparently the following topics from internal as well as market perspective:
    • Current situation and challenges
    • Strategic and implementation-oriented objectives
    • Drafting of different options for the project
    • Particular stakeholder requirements
    • Your preferences regarding communication and coordination as well as integration of staff and partners
    • Requirements of budget, time and resources
    • Success factors and barriers
  • Expedition cockpit: Individual quantitative and qualitative KPIs will be worked out jointly for each topic, which are then summarized in a cockpit overview.
  • EARLY BRANDS quality management: We provide you a continuous project quality management from project preparation to post-processing.

As a result, the EARLY BRANDS consultancy approach enables a combination of our and your strengths with the best available levers for growth and value creation in a targeted manner. With this approach our clients have achieved significant economic gains of up to € 50 million per company.

In addition to the outcome and quality of our projects, our results can be measured on basis of our core values. These values are passion, openness, empathy, integrity and sustainability. Moreover, our belief is that social responsibility is a competitive imperative and enabler of long-term prosperity and growth.