EARLY BRANDS Management Consultants has many years of consulting experience in various industries. We consider current challenges in the market and support our clients in assessing and solving complex problems to improve their performance and market development. Our comprehensive industry knowledge in combination with our systematic market-oriented approach allows us to offer innovative strategy concepts and industry specific solutions to our clients.

Banking Besides regulatory adjustments as a consequence of the financial crisis, the pressure on the industry is increasing through declining margins, suspension of attractive products and rapid technological change > Pharma In addition to the development of new products and business models and the introduction of modern technologies, it is important to deal with demographic changes and the constantly growing expectations of patients >
Retail The changing purchasing- and communication behaviour of customers requires new business models and compels retail companies to rethink their customer approach > TIME-Industry The break-through of the internet as mass-medium, the emergence of innovative business models or new mobile technologies present new challenges to the enterprises of the TIME-sector >
Consumer Goods Complex behaviour of consumers and the venturing in new markets create various opportunities but also major challenges for consumer goods manufacturers > Insurance A growing number of insurance products and a changing regulatory environment make a successful product positioning increasingly difficult >