EARLY BRANDS employee interview

CB Gran ParadisoAt EARLY BRANDS Management Consultants we advise leading companies on their challenges in marketing, distribution, innovation and technology management. The requirements for successful project work have remarkable parallels to expeditions in nature. Our consulting approach reflects the knowledge of what makes challenging expeditions successful, this knowledge is a central element of our consulting approach and guides us in our daily work with our clients.
In the following interview our team member Carlo, Consultant at EARLY BRANDS, gives us exciting insights into expeditions and the successful execution of consulting projects, since he enjoys spending his free time outdoors, with sportive activities with research character. His last expedition in summer 2015 took him to the Graian Alps in the very north west of Italy – with the ascent of the Gran Paradiso – Italy’s highest mountain.

Carlo, how did you feel during your last expedition in the Italian Graian Alps when you climbed to the top of the Gran Paradiso at a height of 4061m?

The dominant feeling during the mountain ascent was tension. Tension what to expect. Tension if everybody of the team will make it, physically as well as mentally. But eventually, when we reached the summit we enjoyed the purest feeling of happiness. I, just like everybody else, was overcome by a unique feeling of relief and accomplishment.

Where do you see the parallels between expeditions and successful consulting projects, which you have helped shape?

Solid teamwork and proper communication are the main principles on the way to the summit. It is absolutely vital to budget all available resources to the team’s benefit. All participants reach their limit. For this reason, the consideration of the individual’s needs, communication as well as skilled team coordination are of fundamental importance to the undertaking success. These experiences can be well transferred into everyday working life at EARLY BRANDS, since expeditions are similarly challenging as demanding consulting projects. Principally consulting projects are about creating a functioning and strong expedition team out of a group of several talented individuals and to give them a common goal to work for with dedication.

Did your expedition experience ever influence EARLY BRANDS consulting projects in practice, to remove barriers?

The ascent of the Gran Paradiso is very well comparable with an intensive consulting project. The weather can change all of a sudden, team members can be gripped by discouragement or other problems may occur. In a figurative sense, such challenges can also occur in consulting projects. As a consultant I have to recognize that and I have to know how to sustain the motivation within the team. That is to say, I must primarily focus on the next steps. Only if the next steps in the project process are clear and distinct for everyone, it will be manageable and all required forces will be activated again. This helps all project members to return to the common finishing straight and to bring the project back on track.

Do you already have an idea about where your next expedition in nature is going to take you?

Well yes, the Graian Alps still have many high and beautiful peaks. Some of them I would like to climb soon and then quite in line with the motto “even higher with a sense of proportion”.

Thank you for the interview!

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