digital new customer acquisition



Our expedition partner is a leading food and beverage solution provider for manufacturing companies, offices, health care facilities and administration businesses. Their new customer structure increasingly moves to “digital natives”. Thus, requirements regarding an easy, fast and fully digital contact route from first contact to product information to contract and support services rapidly grow.

New possibilities for successful “digital customer interaction” and “lead generation” should be explored and brought in line with existing sales and service channels.

Expedition approach

  • Worldwide Innovation & Technology Scouting across markets and industries. Generation of top-relevant impulses: startups, tech companies and further digital customer experience champions.
  • Identification and exploration of pilot topics for “digital new customer acquisition” using agile innovation and creativity methods – based on the customer journey as well as existing success touchpoints such as website, telephone, sales.
  • Interactive, interdisciplinary work sessions: use case design, service and business model development and first estimates for revenue and profit potentials.
  • Joint activity plan for a “test & learn pilot” including user and technology partner.

Expedition success

  • User-relevant, digital “offer and contract route” for B2B new customer acquisition without “media discontinuity”.
  • Additional revenue potential of > € 4 million within the first three years.
  • On-top potentials, e.g. due to efficiency gains, cost reductions and synergies with existing customer relationship management.