innovation ventures

Open up new income streams in the digital age


Our expedition partner is world’s leading beverage company. For the European energy and sports beverage business,  innovation cooperation / innovation ventures with packaging suppliers and new start-ups should be build. To exploit new target groups and markets, consisting “power brands” should be combined with new products and packaging options.

Expedition approach

  • Strategy development and conception of a technology-orientated corporate innovation venture
  • Research and recommendation for relevant technology partners including existing supplier relations
  • Implementation concepts with focus on customer needs
  • Creation and moderation of innovation and technology business cases
  • Coordination of activities among corporation and technology partners/start-ups: creativity workshops, prototyping with agile methods and support of consumer testing

Expedition success

  • Innovation concepts in new product categories with market value > € 250 M. (+ > 10% EBIT margin)
  • Brand equity: rejuvenation of three consisting brands