implementation of a minimum viable product (MVP)



Our expedition partner is a medium-sized real estate holding having a portfolio of successful companies from construction to property management. To keep fit for the future, innovative growth opportunities concerning “real estate digital business ideas and services” should be created and implemented. Therefore, innovative incubation, start-up and investment projects have been developed and prepared jointly with EARLY BRANDS. These are to be implemented agilely with users.

Expedition approach

  • Customer journey development for a digital real estate service with agile innovation and creativity methods. Focused user feedback loops and work sessions.
  • Creating a visual prototype “click dummy”: from user experience with interaction paths, intuitive functions and appealing design to branding.
  • Interactive user feedbacks and prototype tests: prioritization of functions for implementation – “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP).
  • Agile activity planning for MVP. Screening and integration of custom-fit tech partners.
  • Coordination of MVP implementation. Continuous user feedbacks according to “build-measure-learn” approach.

Expedition success

  • Successful, customer-centric MVP implementation of a digital service regarding digital property management within 3 months.
  • High acceptance and relevance for employees and users through feedback loops.
  • Further development of functions, features and design in an agile way with direct user/market feedback.