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World’s leading corporations and medium-sized companies

Since more than 10 years, EARLY BRANDS is a trusted partner for world’s leading corporations and medium-sized companies in Germany, across Europe e.g. France, Great Britain, Switzerland as well as the USA.

Our first success expedition started in 2006. Back then, we conceptualized and patented our first technology venture – a very fancy “Oral Delivery Device” as a technology platform. Due to an agile innovation and technology ecosystem and strong international partners like COLEP CCL Holding Packaging und Fulfilment Solutions and IFF as a leading flavor corporation, we successfully established a breakthrough technology platform for “Oral Delivery of Health Ingredients”. Finally, we embed the tech venture as an innovation and research initiative into an international technology corporation.

Through the years, we successfully mastered very exciting expeditions with our clients and partners. Here are some examples …

How can early stage innovations and technology developments of a brand company like MARS Inc. be aligned with consumer needs and growth opportunities across Europe? How can employees from research and development, supply chain, purchase departments, marketing and sales accelerate innovation power due to new ideas and ways of thinking?

Can successful retail banks like UniCredit integrate customer acquisitions into new digital channels without losing focus on customer’s needs? Is it possible to win new customers through innovation and new communication technologies in a cheaper way?

What are the possibilities to align the OTC product and innovation portfolio of the leading healthcare company Boehringer Ingelheim with new innovation opportunities in our digital age?

How can research organizations of global players like tesa SE, DMK Group or GlaxoSmithKline identify  new technologies and business opportunities earlier in our digital age? How can new opportunities be utilized best? How can creative ideas and valuable experiences of executive boards, R&D managers and committed employees be involved and combined for a common strategic vision?

For more information about our exciting expeditions have a look on EARLY BRANDS action cases…

In short: Our EARLY BRANDS Innovation & Technology  team makes it possible to earlier see and anticipate new, valuable innovation and technology opportunities. We are an established partner of world’s leading brand companies. We focus on people and business success equally.

With our EARLY BRANDS expeditions, we reach long-lasting profit contributions for our clients
> € 50 M.

Whether you are CEO, VP or chief happiness officer: Have you always wanted to successfully shape the future today? We offer you exciting expeditions with happiness guarantee + 100% loyalty. Contact us, we look forward to speaking with you.

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