EARLY BRANDS “Success principle Expedition”

Explore how to reach outstanding success in our digital age

How can innovation and technology opportunities successfully be exploited in our digital age? We are not an innovation and technology oracle but we can offer some inspirational insights for our digital age.

Since more than 10 years, we think and act in expeditions – together with our clients and partners like start-ups, leading research organizations and brand companies worldwide.


Why Success expeditions?

Already the thinking in success expeditions as a starting-point for our briefing-dialogues generates high value for us and our clients. Instantly, positive images and memories evoke that support us to reach success in our digital age. A practice example is our valuable EARLY BRANDS expedition tool “360° expedition dialogue” for project kick-offs. In joint discussions, we determine expedition parameters with our clients and align them with their individual requirements and objectives.

Within our “360° expedition dialogue” we early involve following issues with business and market perspectives:

  • Status quo and challenge
  • Strategic, implementation-based expedition scope
  • Sketching possible options for project schedules
  • Incorporate special stakeholder requirements
  • Expectations on project coordination and communication as well as employee and partner involvement
  • Budget, time and resource requirements
  • Success factors and barriers


Create dynamic expedition portfolios so that more expeditions reach Objectives successfully

There was a time when strategic objectives and business opportunities were identified due to complex strategy processes. Today and for the future, it is much more valuable to think in expeditions and initiatives with high value for businesses, consumers, customers, partners, suppliers and start-ups. To put it straight: in our digital age innovation and technology success needs a “relaxed approach” for uncertainty. With our thinking and acting in expeditions and expedition portfolios, we achieve this relaxed approach and entrepreneurial vision much faster.

Successful venture capital funds create their portfolios with “spray & pray” principles. But leading brand companies experience that in spite of strong brands, sensational new product ideas and high R&D and marketing power not every idea hits the mark.

Innovation and technology success is caused by one or several innovation and technology projects from the portfolio. But, nobody can predict this success. Thus, we plan and create dynamic expedition portfolios with you. From early stages to growth to long-lasting business success. Hence, risks, growth and revenues will be aligned perfectly. You and your company invest step-by-step in agile expeditions and do not put all one’s eggs into one basket. With this spirit, we create expeditions that best fit your individual acceptance of volatilities – such as successful private banking and wealth management work. We are 24/7 reachable and activatable – at any time.


EARLY BRANDS Agility in every terrain

On our EARLY BRANDS expeditions, we dynamically and step-by-step adjust most attractive actions depended on terrain and weather conditions. We use a variety of dynamic, agile tools and solutions form Design Thinking to Lean Start-Up, Lead User Involvement, Minimum Viable Products (MVP), Sprints and much more. Constantly adapted to your objectives, individual approach and success. We think and act across different markets to secure your business success.


individual expedition team for your innovation and technology success

From the beginning, we make sure to put a team together that perfectly meets your needs and objectives. Thus, we connect the people of EARLY BRANDS, with you and your employees as well as your partners for a tailored, strong expedition team that leads expeditions to success. Another EARLY BRAND principle: “We hire for attitude not for skills”. Needless to say, you will get excellent EARLY BRANDS solutions – but actually people are the base for passion and creativity that enables outstanding success for you. Also, we carefully chose to whom it makes sense to start expeditions and invest time with. With passion, we are jointly more successful and create incredible positive value for your company.


EARLY BRANDS strengths, patience and passion for your expedition

As a trusted partner, we have the time, patience and relaxed approach to create success for your business in the fast-moving digital age – in every weather condition. That includes an independent and very reliable team of EARLY BRANDS innovation & technology consultants which makes us successful in every expedition.


reach outstanding economic expedition success With EARLY BRANDS

As a result, our “Success Principle Expedition” enables us to combine EARLY BRANDS’ with your company’s and partner’s strengths to reach outstanding profit contributions. You benefit from reduced investment risk. You significantly optimize your chances for success related to the realization of innovation and technology opportunities in the digital age.

Within numerous implementation projects, our clients reach high profit contributions from € 50 M. per company.


EARLY BRANDS Value Principles for expedition success

Beside outcome and quality of our expedition services, we can be assessed by our values. These are: passion, honesty, empathy, respect and sustainability. Moreover, we are convinced that social responsibility is a foundation for a positive business development. If you are willing to invest parts of your expedition success into social projects, we will support and contribute that.