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Innovation & Technology RELATIONS

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With us, you will find incubator and acceleration programs worldwide that will accelerate your company’s success. Benefit from tailored access to start-ups and innovative technologies.

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Innovation & Technology Relations

Start-Up & Tech Cooperation

Together we develop tailored cooperation to achieve your objectives and valuable business opportunities faster and more creative. Our technology scouting and relation experts support you individually from partner scouting, to IP rights management, to operative coordination.

Coordination of Innovation and Technology Initiatives

We support you from coordination to operative execution of your individual innovation and technology projects - so that you easily break resource bottlenecks.

Incubation & Acceleration

With EARLY BRANDS, you explore global incubation and acceleration programs that will best support success of your company. Benefit from suitable access to start-ups and innovative technologies.

Innovation & Technology Ventures

Find innovation and technology ventures as well as venture capital funds that meet your strategic ambitions best. With EARLY BRANDS as independent “Sparring Partner“ you focus on ventures that will have the highest value from performance as well as strategic perspective.

INNOVATION & TECHnology Relations in Action

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