Strategies and Concepts to shape the future

Strategy & Concepts

Innovation ideas and technology concepts that inspire customers and employees

With our EARLY BRANDS services concerning to strategy and concepts, we support you to create innovation ideas and technology concepts that have a high value for your customers, partners as well as employees. You create innovation and technology portfolios in an agile and dynamic way and make value potentials transparent at early stages.

Our Services

Strategies and Concepts for the future

Idea Generation and Concept Creation

With our innovation and creativity methods, you quickly obtain implementation-oriented concepts and prototypes, which excite your internal stakeholders just as your customers. We combine customer, innovation-technology and business insights with the strengths of your company in a creative manner.

Business Model Development

Our know-how in conception and implementation of innovative business models opens up new growth opportunities for you. We build bridges between ideas, concepts and the iterative, success optimized implementation with agile project management.

Technology and R&D Portfolio Management

With our expertise in technology management and your ideas we faster close technology gaps to competition. You also exploit new technologies earlier – with focus on most attractive future topics.

Product and Innovation Portfolio

Together we conceptualize and further develop your product and innovation portfolio in a way that attractive business opportunities and market developments can be exploited easier, and success can be achieved earlier.

Strategy Implementation

With our experience and agile, dynamic approach we support you in realizing innovation, R&D and technology strategies fast and very productive. Achieve with us high business value for your company faster, in a smart and empathic way.

Implementing Innovation Processes & Co-Development

EARLY BRANDS as your implementation partner ensures that your employees, partners and customers contribute to your innovations in an engaged, motivated way – from early stage insights to execution.

Strategy & Concepts in action

Successful Expeditions – Explore how we create value for you


    Make business models touchable with visual prototypes


    Our expedition partner is willing to agilely develop a business model for a B2B innovation project within a short space of time. Moreover, a visual prototype, that makes the concept idea touchable and experienceable for different targets, should be developed quickly.

    Expeditions approach:

    • Realization of interactive team sessions with lean-startup methodologies:
      • Business models canvas to shape and evaluate key parameters of the business idea
      • Prototyping to create and develop a first visual klick-dummy to make the business opportunity come to live

    Expedition success:

    • Business model with key parameters in an easy to understand and clear presentation form
    • First visual prototype for further developments in user workshops, like design sprints etc.




    Quickly build testable prototypes


    As a leading industrial & commercial enterprise, our expedition partner takes on the challenge to create innovative services with blockchain / distributed ledger technology that meet market requirements.

    Expedition approach:

    • Recommendation and elaboration of an individual design sprint
    • Design Sprint realization with users and experts: from workshop conception, to problem definition from a user and market point of view, to creative solution design and first visual prototypes / klick dummies
    • User tests and interviews with prototype / klick dummy
    • Utilization of results for business model development and agile pilot projects

    Expedition success:

    • Quick availability of a prototype that is continuously be focused on user needs and requirements
    • Early stage knowledge about market relevant design options
    • Increase of employee‘s motivation and engagement for innovation



    Explore and create innovation opportunities together


    Our expedition partner is a leading company for convenience products and technologies. Now, competitors with price aggressive positioning, private labels as well as more sustainable premium products more and more capture market share.

    Expedition approach:

    • Analysis of future scenarios with insights regarding brands, companies, consumers, competitors, innovation champions and start-ups
    • Conception and organization of a future scenario & innovation workshop with employees and business partners
    • Workshop execution and moderation with agile innovation and creativity methods
    • Live conception and visualization of innovations with value proposition and success factors from consumer and business perspectives

    Expedition success:

    • Business relevant innovations with brand fit and future relevance: from new products to digital services and new business models
    • Profound basis for implementation planning with employees and partners



    Shape the future with employees and partners


    Our expedition partner is a leading coffee company. In our digital age, it is essential to create new innovative propositions and business models for their popular brands.

    Expedition approach:

    • Open innovation workshops with management, employees and business partners: development of innovative concept ideas for different innovation categories from product to new business models
    • Shaping concept ideas and innovation business cases with agile innovation methods
    • Moderation and engagement of top-management for sponsorship
    • Fueling of global innovation pipeline and kick-off of local innovation initiatives

    Expedition success:

    • More than 50 concept ideas; innovations with validated sales potential > € 250 M.
    • Kick-off and implementation of first innovation initiatives



    Create market-relevant innovations


    Our expedition partner is a leading brand company with high demand for customer orientation and innovation strength. Innovation activities should continuously focus on customer’s needs.

    Expedition approach:

    • Create a cross-functional understanding from management and employees concerning to early innovation stages with workshops and insight interviews
    • Conception of an early stage innovation approach; combine consumer insights, brand strategies and innovation topics for thematic platforms. Agile dynamic execution from innovation ideas to implementation
    • Process implementation of the organization with management and employees from marketing, innovation, R&D, sales, finance & IT

    Expedition success:

    • + >10 % increase of sales and profit contribution caused by innovation
    • Minimization of average development times and costs
    • Implementation of first digital business models and e-commerce innovations within 12 months



    Innovation and growth in the digital age


    Our expedition partner is world’s leading professional food & drinks vending company for workplaces. In three European markets, the product and service portfolio should be enhanced regarding growth and profitability. Thus, innovation topics like digitalization, health & wellness and connectivity were exploited.

    Expedition approach:

    • Identification of growth and innovation potentials and strategic gaps: market and portfolio analysis, insight interviews with management, employees and partners, worldwide innovation & technology scouting
    • Recommendation for portfolio- and innovation strategies
    • Creation and moderation of innovation initiatives with innovation business cases with top management and employees
    • Coordination of customer and consumer tests in European markets and implementation of selected initiatives

    Expedition success:

    • Kick-off initiatives with additional sales from € 1-5 M.
    • Increase profit margin > 5%