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Blockchain topics that accelerate 2018 & beyond

How does the DLT blockchain community rock forward? What topics accelerate and gain momentum in 2018? Happy to share some fresh insights from this week‘s amazing DISTRIBUTE CONFERENCE. Great opportunity to learn and collaborate at BUCERIUS CAMPUS, Hamburg. My personal learnings this week so far.

Blockchain conference Distribute 2018


#1 Let‘s put users first

We met inspirational people like Max Kordek and his UX team from LISK. LISK shows us how to put users with their needs at the heart of the chain. By living user-driven UX innovation every day.. Also LISK’s concept of sidechains and their developer tool kits make a difference: Max and his UX team make it possible for everyone to build something great with distributed ledger technologies. Fast and Furious.

User im Fokus der Blockchain


#2 Connected chains talk to each other

Do a quick payment transaction with Ripples XRP. Assume then a smart contract of your local e-bike provider in the ETHEREUM blockchain could happily talk with Ripples XRP: Ripple could e.g. a notifify that you’ve already paid for your next ride! That’s the core of the interledger concept.

Emerging Interledger SolutionsEmerging interledger solutions like from project CODIUS are going to make this happen. Interledger is could become a game changer: Connecting digital wallets and national payment systems to blockchains and beyond. The future of the internet is now.


#3 Striving for a liberate, aligned European regulatory

We still lack an aligned, liberate regulatory strategy across Europe. Why do Angela Merkel and Emanuel Macron wait so long? Europe needs truly democratic, open DLT blockchain innovations. To stay competitive. DLT: A catalyst for shared prosperity in the EU and the world. Just think about the power of DLT to support sustainability goals. A new dimension in fair trade and democratic sharing of economic dividends. Currently, we see Malta becoming blockchain island and Gibraltar becoming magnetic for blockchain startups and ICOs… And that is not only due to taxes… Think DSGVO/GDPR… Think Crypto currency regulations that differ between states in the EU… Blockchain innovators in Europe need aligned and liberal conditions in every country.


#4 Towards more democratic, fair ICOS and token sales

The community puts phat emphasis on democracy, decentralisation and fairness. That’s right. At is the DNA of the blockchain movement, world-wide. Couldn’t crypto invest projects breath these great values as well? How to make ICOs more fair and transparent at all invest stages? One fresh answer worth spreading could be „Refundable ICOs“. Amazing Fabian Vogelsteller from LUKSO fashion ecosystem and ETHEREUM FOUNDATION introduced us to this great idea for inspiration. Thank you, Fabian.

Fabian Vogelsteller auf der Distribute 2018

#5 Banks get double disrupted in 2018

The disruptive power from Blockchain is about fast transactions and cutting out intermediates. SolarisBank a forerunning innovator company in white-label banking for e-commerce and fin techs, has opened this week its Blockchain Factory. A smart move: White label banking innovation + blockchain service innovation = Hyper Hyper! With its empathic CTO Peter Großkopf and his great team SolarisBank has definetly the right challenger mindsets in place to rock. Are big banks also ready to connect real-world retail banking with the emerging world of cryptocurrencies? Some are doing so. Commerzbank with its DLT lab gains positive momentum. Paul Kammerer and his team makes this already happen: From blockchain to prototype, cross-industry.

Last but not least:

Many thanks, from me, on behalf of my team, to Tobias Worzyk from the DISTRIBUTE CONFERENCE 2018. You and your passionate DISTRIBUTE CONFERENCE TEAM are amazing people. Thank you so much.


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