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How is the DLT / Blockchain community developing? What are the topics for 2019 that gain momentum? We are happy to present exciting impressions from our visit at the DISTRIBUTE CONFERENCE again this year. A strong conference with many learnings and inspiring work sessions at the BUCERIUS CAMPUS, Hamburg. My personal three highlights:

blockchain topics from distribute 2019



Here at the Distribute 2019 we meet Radoslav Albrecht. With the first BAFIN-approved digital corporate bond, the disruption in corporate banking reaches a new dimension. It’s not just a corporate bond. The money of the bond investors stored in the blockchain serves “peer-to-peer” financing of enterprises. Banks get double disrupted. Buying Bitbond tokens is easier than unlocking a SIM card.

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The blockchain train continues. Security Token Offerings (STO) like Albrecht’s Bitbond are just the beginning. Digital promissory notes, peer-to-peer loans for SMEs and much more can be mapped very efficiently with security tokens. The World Bank knows of the advantages and talks about its first bond, which is based entirely on the blockchain. The interplay of transparency, efficient processing and easy transferability becomes an instrument of development finance. But even in the platform economy, the decentralized world does not stop: in addition to Neufund, we are meeting other STO key players on the Distribute, such as Arnab Naskar from STOKR. His promise for peer-to-peer venture funding: no wall street wolves, no money sharks. Just humans..



A hot topic – more and more companies and social networks are thinking about launching their own crypto currencies. Facebook is a much discussed topic at the Distribute 2019 with its own stablecoin Libra. But what does it mean for the crypto world? On the one hand, positive momentum for Bitcoin and Co. On the other hand, we at EARLY BRANDS Innovation & Technology Consultants ask the question: where will the advantages of the decentralized world remain if central players of the platform economy such as Facebook launch their own blockchain currency.. that is interlinked with the central business? This is much more than about a new digital currency. The new age of the “Internet of Money” has begun. Payment with the messenger, incentivization of advertising. Reaching new users and binding Facebook users. Decentralized? On the one hand, the Libra Association will be independent – on the other hand, it is Facebook’s business partners – from Spotify to Mastercard that have already pledged to invest 10 million USD each in one node in this “decentralized Libra network”. Decentral central. This is about saving the platform economy: Ebay is also in Libra. Just like Uber. Facebook’s new competitor? The US dollar.

Our opinion: in connection with Facebook and its partners, there are many market-relevant use cases. Nevertheless, mass adoption of Libra as a crypto currency requires more: high user penetration and regulatory fit with many countries.



The city administration of Zug recognized early on: blockchain has the innovative potential to strongly influence our economy and society. Martin Würmi, a town clerk from Zug, goes much further with his keynote: why the state could become obsolete because of the blockchain technology. In Zug, E-ID has been in existence since 2016. It is a great use case, as decentralization also makes streamlined processes possible in public administration, and data sovereignty remains with the user at the same time: authenticity confirmation of the ID data is written on the blockchain. Control over the data always remains local to the user. We want to see more of this. Also in Germany and other European countries.

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Last but not least:

Many thanks to Tobias Worzyk from the DISTRIBUTE CONFERENCE 2019. You and your DISTRIBUTE CONFERENCE team are awesome! Congratulation.


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