Get on expedition with our innovation team


Get on an Expedition with our Managing Director Alexander

In our team interviews we look behind the scenes of EARLY BRANDS innovation and technology expeditions. Today, our Managing Director Alexander gives insights into an expedition day.

EARLY BRANDS Insights: How do you start the day?

ALEXANDER: At 05:45 am, I wake up with the great Italian composer Otto Respighi. He is conducted by Naville Marriner and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. With his Suite No. 3 from “Ancient Airs and Dances” I start the day in a positive and relaxed mood. After that, I either get useful advices and trainings from Coach Eddie about back muscle training or I put on my running shoes to go for a spin in the nature.

EARLY BRANDS Insights: Preferred means of transport?

ALEXANDER: Whether in Bremen, Zurich or San Francisco: by foot or by mountain bike. Enjoying the nature and the different seasons closely and immediately is a great thing. Relating to business, I would prefer it to do not have to drive myself. Autonomous, self-driving cars which serve tasty and freshly brewed coffee in the morning are the future of transportation – hopefully coming soon. It is also conceivable, that I receive my morning coffee by direct drone delivery in the near future. With Vans & Drones, Mercedes is already putting one eye on that.

EARLY BRANDS Insights: What is your first activity when arriving the office?

ALEXANDER: I start my expeditions with a tasty coffee crema with a milk shot. After that, I have a look on my KANBAN where I juggle pink EARLY BRANDS post-it notes to organize topics and activities for my expedition week and every single day. In the mix. The post-it notes of the day were used in creative sessions, meetings and calls or were stuck on my laptop and table. That is an easy and fast approach to project and organize thoughts, ideas and the people I work with.

EARLY BRANDS Insights: What is in your luggage for successful expedition day?

ALEXANDER: A good mood, passion and an open mind to create new ideas day by day. Also, a tasty nut-mix – a great energy supplier.

EARLY BRANDS Insights: Indispensable tools and apps for your daily routines?

ALEXANDER: A pile of post-it notes and pencils. To easily write down ideas and thoughts of people I work with. My Iphone X is a great tech gadget with everything you need. Just look at it and it is ready for you – due to face ID: from phone and video calls to great expedition pictures from our innovation workshops and conferences. Also, the Genius Scan app is a very convenient tool. Scans can easily be converted, saved and shared as PDF’s.

EARLY BRANDS Insights: How do you spend the time with your team? What is most important for you?

ALEXANDER: I have a lot of answers for that question. I always have an open ear, listen to people and offer support whenever it is needed. Gratitude is also a very important thing for me.

EARLY BRANDS Insights: Do you have any advices for successful expeditions concerning innovation and technology?

ALEXANDER:  In our digital age, passionate people are the key factor for successful expeditions. 1# Take empathic people on board who have the power and ambition to create innovations in a positive way. From executive board members to project managers. 2# Pull instead of push. 3# Think outside the box. Think and act across different market and sector boundaries. Create innovation opportunities broadly. There is so much more than only product innovations. From completely new business models, new services or channels to new organization and network structures. 4# Empowerment. Let it go. You do not have to do everything on your own. 5# Think in playing fields and respect all the players. Do not focus on where innovations come from. For example: Treat innovation cooperation with partners + startups + internal development projects as similar valuable playing fields – an do not let them work against each other.

EARLY BRANDS Insights: How does a successful expedition day come to an end?

ALEXANDER: If possible, I enjoy dinner with my family and have calls with my friends. I like to bring sushi but with our current 29 °C, I prefer tasty ice cream from my favorite ice cream parlor. Also, I follow  T3N Digital Pioniers Podcasts, listen to Eine Stunde History or IQ Wissenschaft und Forschung. I am willing to discover and understand our world. Also, I can recommend book readings with Blinkist.


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