Silicon Valley Spotlight


Current innovation impulses from San Francisco and the Valley

Within our talks, activities and adventures with tech companies, our scouts as well as leading venture capitalists we have always our finger on the pulse of the time. In our current special Q4/2017 we have three spotlights: autonomous driving, mass customization and the future of air services.


Spotlight “Autonomous driving”

When we are on San Francisco’s roads with UBER or Lyft it becomes clear: the world is as much further developed as we would ever dream of in Europe or Germany…

How do we judge about that? It cannot be denied that autonomous driving is highly developed already today. Since Q4/2017 first autonomous UBER taxis are tested in San Francisco and further cities of the USA.

Our current perspective on autonomous driving in San Francisco: Lyft, UBER and similar transportation services will disrupt theirselves within the next 24 months – and that is happening rapidly. Developments are in full swing – UBER and Lyft started as driver-based services to revolutionize the taxi market.

Now, exactly these driver-based services will be replaced by autonomous driving services. EARLY BRANDS describes this phenomenon as “self-disruption”. From Silicon Valley and San Francisco, it is very easy to capture further cities in the USA.

By then and beyond, we perceive our drivers in San Francisco as likeable and still rely on them. We are grateful to them – as we could not feature such exciting insights from San Francisco without them: Five-Stars from EARLY BRANDS.

Meanwhile, UBER has spread their self-driving tests across UBER in Pittsburgh. But what is Lyft as UBER competitor planning for San Francisco?

Let yourself be surprised…They already started their own pilot project for autonomous driving in the Bay Area. Here you can find some insights and information about Lyft’s autonomous driving program. Of course, UBER is not remain inactive and ordered some self-driving XC90 from Sweden. We know XC90 very well – and definitely like them.


Spotlight “Future of Air Travel Services”

The aircraft company AIRBUS commands a strong, inspiring incubation team in San Francisco and the Valley. Here, ideas for the future of air transport were developed and partners were integrated.

Our impression from live sessions and insight dialogues with AIRBUS A3 incubator teams: AIRBUS is going to successfully and rapidly develop innovations beyond products and services.

The AIRBUS A3 future air travel projects well known from tech media and blogs are only the cutting edge of a broad, prospective innovation strategy. This is the reason why AIRBUS is a very exciting partner from the EARLY BRANDS insights perspective: for start-ups, travel groups, airlines, mega cities and much more.

Maybe AIRBUS will surprise us with a revolutionary cabin concepts on our next flight to San Francisco. Highly comfortable, modular and mass customized to our individual future needs. By then, we fly with Lufthansa and their consisting AIRBUS fleets. And get inspiration from Peter Thiel during the flight. Peter has a lot more to tell in his audio books as we thought.

Our audio recommendation: From Zero to One. With courage and passion, we are more successful and are happier as we are living in a very exciting age in which we create future developments together.


Spotlight “Mass Customization and Success in the digital age”

In our digital age people, passion and trust matter more than ever before. That is our contemporary definition of PPT. People first. How this creates value in our digital age is shown by Jason. He is a creative head in the converse flagship store San Francisco. He and his team are Converse’s ambassadors for brand power and innovation strength.

Alexander bei Converse mit personalisiertem Sportschuh

The digital design tools with high user experience are just from minor matter but also an important tool for his mass-customized sneakers. Get inspired by Jason and visit him in his store in San Francisco. I am sure, you will be excited.


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