Reasons why being up-to-date comes more and more important…

Also in 2019, dynamic and complexity of our digital age gain momentum. Innovation and technological progress are fast and getting faster. We from EARLY BRANDS Innovation & Technology Consultants know: success much depends on having one’s finger on the pulse of time. That means: early recognize new technologies and innovations + adapt business values behind them quickly and agilely. Anticipate technological progress and take a pioneering position.

Competitors also know that times are changing. So, those who are willing to become and stay successful must continuously shape and improve existing business models. “Kodak” and “Nokia” are just two of many examples for that…

But: What does „on the pulse of time” mean? What is behind it? How to proceed and how to keep an eye on what’s happening around us? We give insight and impulses from our Early Stage Innovation Services – from Scouting to strategy and conception through to agile implementation and realization of new business opportunities.


Let’s get started – how do we stay up to date?

“Having one’s finger on the pulse of time” starts by recognizing that competition today takes place across different markets and sectors. Speed of change is very high and accelerates steadily. We live in an era full of creativity and innovation. Here, creative combinations quickly create new and disruptive developments that rapidly enhance through digital channels. At the same time, many valuable business opportunities for companies arise – with the potential to creatively enhance products and services. Thus, an early identification of business relevant innovations and new technologies is essential. Every company needs creative play grounds in order to combine them with internal ideas and strength – to move future-orientated products and services forward. Our keyword for that: Innovation & Technology Scouting. Early identify new business-relevant developments. Generate lots of inspiration for new business ideas. Gain an understanding of developments that are cutting-edge. Key questions for that: What are new business opportunities for my company? Where do new market players like startups or tech companies move in?

Our EARLY BRANDS Innovation & Technology Experts use modern real-time scouting technologies, a strong network and contacts to startups to find answers for this kind of questions. In our Innovation & Technology Scouting, we incorporate individual perspectives and thematic demands of employees, management and further stakeholders – always in close dialogue and with pinpoint accuracy. In addition to individual topics of interests, there are many interdisciplinary technologies like blockchain or artificial intelligence and general developments in topic areas like logistics or space every company should notice. Herein, many innovative and disruptive products and services can be created.

Thus, we proactively realize our own scoutings concerning to these cross-section technologies and topics. On a daily basis, our experts scan and analyze most exciting innovation and technology developments worldwide. So that our clients get access to most relevant developments earliest. Thus, we + our partners whether brand, trade or tech company are always up to date. In a nutshell: with scouting we keep an eye of innovations and technologies across different markets + potential opportunities behind them. That is a great basis to creatively develop new market and business relevant ideas.


Many great scouting impulses concerning innovation and technology – what’s next?

Depending on our client’s individual issues and topics, we creatively integrate scouting impulses into conception. Driven by dialogues and with productive, agile innovation and creativity methods. What are the most valuable opportunity areas for a certain company division? How to close strategic technology gaps? What are innovative possibilities for new services? Where to find new valuable customer groups?

All these + further questions can be answered by the starting point scouting combined with the knowledge about internal strength. Important for that: open up to new innovative impulses and developments, that create totally new perspectives. In this way, 1+1 results quickly 3. The alpha and omega: Empathy. Listen to people and do not give “silo mentality” a chance. Do not get constricted but get open minded for ideas which differ from your familiar business model. That is how new business opportunities creatively arise: expand existing playing fields, think ahead, proactively create markets and solutions for customers. In this way and with knowledge about company objectives, challenges in market, customer and user pain points creative solutions for success in the digital age are created. Started across markets and sectors + creatively combined with internal ideas + tested early with real users…


many ideas in the pipeline – how to start the ball rolling?

We from EARLY BRANDS know: implementing 100 great ideas at the same time is not effective. That is why priorities must be set and ideas must be evaluated. That does not mean to discard everything but to filter the greatest from the great. To find those ideas that meet market requirements and inspire customers. So that high values for companies are attained.

In the process it is essential to not put all one’s eggs in one basket. Stay flexible. Start many balls rolling. Keep an eye on markets, technologies and requirements and act flexibly. Only then, business opportunities can be utilized early in a pioneering position – from new income streams, quality and cost benefits through to new business models and innovative services.


With EARLY BRANDS on the pulse of time …

With our Early Stage Innovation Services from scouting to creative conception through to implementation of new business opportunities, we always have a finger on the pulse of time. With our EARLY BRANDS real-time scouting we support continuous identification of relevant developments concerning innovation and technologies – on early stages. Individual, precisely accurate scoutings, search algorithms and a huge knowhow about interdisciplinary technology and service solutions enable us to get to the bottom of solutions for successful futures of our partners. We create and evaluate ideas and concepts in a common and creative way – with a strong focus on markets and customer requirements. So that success is always ensured. Now, it’s time to start the ball rolling – stay in touch with the times and


Catch the Future…!