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In the digital age, it is essential to identify and exploit new business opportunities at an early stage. One key to this is “technology intelligence”. We provide insights into current challenges and the status quo from our expert study – a survey with more than 80 executives.

Disruptive innovations have one in common: From the first steam engine spiritedly named Adler, to drones and hyperloop trains from Elon Musk, to digital music streaming services like Spotify and financial advices from robots: New technologies and innovative processes have the power to quickly turn whole markets upside down and entirely restructure industries.

technology intelligence for success

  • How important is technology intelligence for business success today?
  • How is it currently organized and executed?
  • What do leaders perceive as key challenges?

The key results show that technology intelligence is perceived of increasingly high importance for companies from different sizes, markets and sectors:

  • About 90% of the business leaders consider that it is vitally important for the future success of their entrepreneurial activities
  • More than 65% state that it is highly important for successful decision-making
  • About 80% assume that the importance will strongly increase within the near future

Most of the respondents using technology intelligence have a clear perspective on the values:

  • For surveyed companies, the proactive identification of new technological opportunities is the most important value 
  • About 90% of respondents quote that they generate knowledge for new innovations and business opportunities – very important for their successful business development

In a nutshell: EARLY BRANDS clients and partners classify technologies and technology intelligence as a catalyst for their business success in our digital age. Their aim is to early anticipate which technology developments will drive the business success of tomorrow. That enables them with their teams, us and else valuable tech and innovation partners to proactively shape the future.

detect new technologies early with technology intelligence

However, what do top decision makers perceive as main challenges?

  • In more than 50% of the surveyed companies, technology intelligence is perceived as difficult. Key reason is the  increasing complexity and dynamic of technological developments and innovations
  • The constantly increasing amount of information and knowledge makes it hard to capture what matters – state more than 50% of the decision-makers
  • Especially lack of time and missing people resources cause bottlenecks which significantly influence success


What are our experiences at EARLY BRANDS? In order to remain successful in the accelerated innovation competition, it is more important than ever to build up “orientation knowledge” around innovations and new technologies at an early stage. In addition, the topic of technology intelligence also shows that success in the digital age is shaped by people. If we work together to shape technology intelligence with curiosity, openness and a passion for innovation – then it will be an outstanding success. And creates high economic values and advantages.

This is exactly where we at EARLY BRANDS Innovation & Technology Consultants come in every day: Cross-market innovation & technology scouting. In dialog with employees and top decision-makers. Continuously and with precise integration of insights along the value chain. As a result, it is us – the people – who make the difference. Market- and customer-oriented.



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